1. The Eclectic Wood Siding Look. Nothing says “beach house” like wood siding. This design brings a great curb appeal and gives the home a woodsy feel. It is classic and can be unfinished or stained in different colors. Here is a great example of a home in the Hamptons on Pinterest.

2. The Tropical Stucco Look. Not all beach houses have to have the northeast shabby look. They can look like a tropical oasis like this stucco paradise from Pinterest and this modern play on a beach house (also from Pinterest). These homes look more like resorts than family vacation homes, and offer more elegance to housing next to the beach.

3. The Porched Mansion Look. This house (feature on Architectural Digest) and this Nantucket beach house from Beautifully Seaside exemplify the importance of porches on a beach house. It is truly an important trend and makes a way for guest to be in the comfort of a home while still looking out at the ocean. There is nothing better than sipping your morning coffee while sitting on a porch overlooking the waves!

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