Out of all the places in your home to have fun customizing, the kitchen is probably the most popular, and maybe even the most fun. There are just so many things that you can do to your kitchen during your custom home building process to really add that special and personalized touch that will make cooking and entertaining an extremely enjoyable experience for all. 

Dramatic Lighting 

A great way to really make your kitchen pop is dramatic lighting. The more eloquent and noticeable the better. You can choose from a wide variety of supersized pendants, scones, and chandeliers. The trick is to go big, bold, and bright. 

Lots of Storage 

By lots of storage we mean lots of extra cabinets, drawers, and shelves. You can create tall storage by having the cabinets stacked on top of one another and all the way up to the ceiling. You could even have a rolling ladder installed for easy access. Add over-sized cabinets, giant pull-out drawers, and shelving units for extra storage, or even just for decorative purposes. 

Colorful Contrasts 

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of vibrant colors throughout your kitchen. You can do this by adding an accent wall or a statement wall, splashes of red or aqua, or even playing with the paint colors and the patterns for the ceiling. A few bursts of color can go a very long way. 

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Our kitchens are the center of our homes and the source of pride for many. Is it any wonder that people spend more money on kitchen remodeling than any other home improvement? A kitchen remodel has many choices and decisions, making it one of the most complicated home projects.  

The ideal kitchen provides both comfort and function. It will be both sharp-looking and an efficient workspace. For some, a new kitchen should also cause a little envy from the neighbors. To help you, we have put together this short guide to the best way to plan a kitchen.

Kitchen Remodel Goals

  • Create a personalized area that reflects your lifestyle,
  • Have a design that conforms to your tastes.
  • Creatively increase available storage.
  • Receive the best price without cutting corners.

A kitchen remodel starts with an eye on longevity, efficiency, and function. Remember, your kitchen will be a key area of focus at resale. A recent study by the National Association of Realtors identified kitchen upgrades and complete kitchen renovations as the top two home improvements desired by homebuyers. Your kitchen remodel adds the most dollars to a sale price. It is an investment.

Find the Best Contractor

Contractors receive most of their business from word or mouth and their reputation. Nonetheless, a builder is only as good as their last job. One of the leading consumer complaints is with contractors. Here are a few tips.

  • Ensure you ask for recent references from candidates and follow-up.
  • Ask to see a job in progress to get a sense of work quality.
  • Don’t be in a rush. Good contractors are worth the wait.

Have a Solid Plan

You will save a lot of time and money if you use an experienced designer. They know all the tricks of the trade, and can make an effective use of space while creating a design that reflects your lifestyle and tastes. In order to create a great design, there are some things you will need.

  • A to-scale rendering of your existing kitchen showing all plumbing and wiring.
  • A list of goals. What is your first priority? Space, function, or style?
  • Research modern kitchen remodeling ideas and keep an idea folder.

Get the Biggest Bang

Even when the sky is the limit, we want the best price and value. A luxury kitchen is still a financial decision and an investment. The best way to control costs is understanding how you use your kitchen and organizing it for optimal performance. The second biggest saver is taking the time to get the best price on appliances, cabinets, and countertops. 

Things Not to Do

There are common mistakes that can cause a kitchen nightmare. Here are some things you don’t want to do.

Being your own contractor – There are a lot of moving parts to a kitchen remodel. Trying to do it on your own may be a costly mistake.

Hiring the wrong contractor – You need someone you can trust. No matter how low the price is or how highly recommended they come, if a contractor makes you uncomfortable than walk away.

Becoming distracted – Start with a plan and stick to it. With all the options, it is easy to add things that cause buyer’s remorse after the project is complete. 

Changing your mind – Every change in your plan will cause you time and money. Spend as much time as you need at the beginning to plan and design your dream kitchen. 

If you would like to talk about more ways to plan a kitchen remodel, or need more information, please contact us.

Nearly every professional person linked to real estate will say the market is better off than it was a year ago. With this improvement has come an increase in the value of many home remodeling projects. There is a demand for bigger home improvements and increased energy efficiency. Kitchen remodels are at the top of the list. 

Houzz, a leading platform bringing homeowners and home professionals together, has targeted some of the hottest remodeling trends. We have compiled a list of what is going on with luxury kitchen remodels.

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets – The current trend is to keep upper cabinets a neutral color or white, and use deeper and darker colors for the lower cabinets. The style allows you to show off a lot of your personality.

Colored stainless-steel Appliances – As it turns out, black is the new black. Light and dark color options are available and are trending.

Deep Kitchen Drawers – A top priority for any kitchen remodel is easy storage. Deep kitchen drawers have been growing in popularity for a while, but new innovations are making them even better.

Niche Appliances – It is time to get rid of that old microwave. Luxury kitchens now have steam ovens for better, healthier cooking. How about a warming drawer for when the significant other is running late?

Workhorse Islands – Kitchen islands are no longer just about extra counter space. They now have prep sinks, deep storage, seating, and more. Workhorse islands are quickly becoming a must-have feature.

Barely a Kitchen – One interesting trend is the open design kitchen. The kitchen becomes a more fluid space that is fully functioning but with a minimalist looking design. 

Openness & Raw Materials – A feature of the before mentioned barely a kitchen design is the use of open shelves and raw materials. Start here for a great new look.

Backsplash & Countertop Combinations – Today’s kitchen trends are looking for contrasts. Think along the lines of a yellow ceramic tile backsplash with butcher-block countertops or green back-pained glass with a Caesarstone countertop.

Mixing Materials – As with the two-tone cabinets and backsplash/countertop combinations, today’s kitchen trends are about mixing it up. Consider mixing finishes, colors, and materials.

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Did you know your kitchen is a major reason home buyers use when choosing to make an offer? A kitchen remodel has the potential to make your home irresistible. Best of all, there is an average 67 percent cost to value ratio when you sell your home. Creating a dream kitchen will appeal to home buyers.

However, the best reason for a kitchen remodel is increasing the value of the home for you. In December, the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry jointly published their first ever Remodeling Impact Report. They found after completing a kitchen remodel that:

  • 90% of homeowners said they had a greater desire to be at home.
  • 86% said they experienced increased enjoyment at home, and
  • 93% acquired a major sense of accomplishment after the project was complete.

Nonetheless, the report showed that a kitchen upgrade and a complete kitchen renovation are the number 1 and number 2 projects with the most appeal to buyers, respectively. Of projects that add the most value to a home resale, a complete kitchen renovation is in the first place, and a kitchen upgrade is in second.

A kitchen upgrade that costs $30,000 adds an estimated $20,000 to a home’s sale price. A complete kitchen renovation costing $60,000 increases the value of your home by an estimated $40,000. The only projects that come close to increasing a home’s sale price are bathroom renovations or addition.

If you would like to talk more about how a kitchen remodel can help sell your home, or need more information, please contact us.

Thinking about a kitchen remodel to make your house the best it can be? Everyone loves a great kitchen, and guests are sure to remark upon it when visiting your home. The centerpiece of the home is the kitchen, where everything flows in and out. If you think about it, a great kitchen is an investment not in only your home, but your life. Adding substantial value to your home and property is a tangible benefit you can count on if you ever sell your property (kitchens have been known as an important selling point, sometimes THE selling point, when you do sell). For day-to-day life, waking up and coming home to a kitchen that enriches your lifestyle and makes you happier is very desirable for anyone.

If you have a listless, ordinary kitchen now, a remodel can take that same space and transform it into a breathtaking experience. The right remodel can change your LIFE as you live it, making your world new and sophisticated, changing your quality of life to the level that you dream of when viewing kitchens in homes that capture your imagination. You’ve seen them before, kitchens you wish you had. Well, you can have your own ideal kitchen yourself! And, your vision can come to life with the craftsmanship of real professional company at work for you.

From start-to-finish, from planning to clean-up, the right company will take care of each and every detail. Choosing a company with many, many years of experience with experts who do this for a living will ensure you get what you are really looking for in a kitchen remodel. Better kitchens are an important part of what makes a life worth living. You really owe it to yourself to consider a substantial upgrade to this area of your home, and once complete, you can settle in and enjoy life like never before, every day. For more information on this life changing process, just contact us and we will be very glad to assist you every step of the way.

The kitchen is often described as the heart of a home. This is where you spend a big part of your time, so it is important that you love the space. What better way to fall in love with your kitchen then by a customized remodel?

By creating a custom kitchen, you don’t have to settle for anything. You have the ability to make your kitchen exactly the way you want it. You get to choose the design and materials from the top of your kitchen to the bottom.

One great customizable addition that is great for the kitchen is an island. You can use an island to express your style. It can be as neutral or as loud as you would like. If you have a more neutral and soft kitchen then use your island to spice it up. Add a big island with a bold paint color.

Another great customizable addition is custom-built cabinets. The style of your cabinets has the ability to change the entire style of the kitchen. 

After choosing your custom-built cabinets, choosing hardware only enhances them further. Adding a beautiful hardware gives you the ability to spice up the space more. 

Countertops come in different materials and colors. From granite to marble, or even concrete countertops. Choosing a countertop material allows you to customize your kitchen to your personal preferences. 

We provide high-end kitchens to fit any style or personality. 

Rather you have an outdated kitchen or just want something new, let us make your kitchen a glamorous masterpiece that you will fall in love with over and over again. Contact us for more information.

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), which took place this January in Las Vegas, is like a trip to Disneyland for kitchen remodel designers from all around the world. A few of the latest trends and innovations featured at the show are listed below. To see Architectural Digest‘s best picks, click here.

More Colorful Kitchens

Kitchens are moving away from traditional or classical designs and embracing more contemporary treatments. KBIS displayed more use of color and combinations of materials and metals. Sinks in hammered copper, nickel, and bronze were particularly striking. The white kitchen was not featured, although Benjamin Moore proclaimed its Simply White to be its 2016 color of the year.

The Latest from La Cornue

Luxury brands have been adding “designer panache” to their creations. An illustration is the Couleur Collection from La Cornue which features a pastel-colored palette from an award-winning interior designer.

Stainless Steel No Longer Boring

Stainless steel fixtures and appliances are being enhanced with a carbon-look finish. Also, brass fixtures are being beautified with a satin-like sheen.

Easy Care “Marble”

The development of hard-surface products engineered to look like natural stone, such as granite and marble, continues.

Cabinets Are Warmer

There is more use of warm woods, especially white oak, and combining paint and wood.

Steam Ovens

Double ovens using convection and steam, with steam being the main feature, were impressive. They provide a method of preparing food for better taste and to retain more nutritional value.

Storage Innovations

Under-cabinet refrigeration is not just confined to the kitchen. Now you can enjoy a cold drink in the bedroom without having to trek downstairs. Also, under-counter microwave drawers are available to free up space on kitchen countertops.

Transform the Look of Your Walls

Dimensional tiles with a sculptured or textured appearance were consistent across manufacturers. Also striking were many displays of black and white tiles in dazzling geometric patterns.


The kitchen of tomorrow is destined to be more innovative and time-saving than ever before, and kitchen designers are already looking forward to what will be on display at the 2017 KBIS in Orlando, Florida. 

If you are thinking of redesigning your kitchen, please contact us. We can help you achieve the kitchen you have always dreamt about.

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