• Environmental Pollution, such as air pollution, water pollution, and our carbon footprint
  • Rising Energy Costs, such as electric and water bills, and gas prices

Here at Caldwell & Johnson we have combined our love of the environment with our love of creating homes to work towards the goal of every American family having an energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable home.

We use features such as solar panels, water-efficient appliances, high quality insulation, and environmentally friendly materials to ensure your home is as energy-efficient and durable as possible. We even go a step beyond by guaranteeing to pay you the difference in price if your energy bills are higher than your estimated energy usage calculated upon your enrollment.

Going green has been proven to lower heating and cooling costs, water usage, and environmental toxins, increases market value of the home, and provides you with healthy indoor air quality. We use renewable or recycled materials that are environmentally sustainable, allowing us to save finite resources for our children and future generations.

Caldwell & Johnson allows you to create your dream home in such a way that you are providing a clean, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly home to the family that you love while reducing the strain on our current environmental assets.

Consider investing in your future by allowing us to do a consultation for you and your family, focusing specifically on your needs. You can find more information on our website or if you have any questions, please contact us.