Green home building techniques are embraced by Caldwell & Johnson and, with a commitment to making the latest technologies and products available, green homes are now more versatile than ever. Homes of any style can be “green” homes. Whether a homeowner simply wants to be more energy efficient or is completely committed to environmentally conscious living, there is virtually no limit to aesthetic design options. Homeowners can be eco-friendly living a suburban lifestyle just as well as a rural lifestyle. 

With the decision to build green is also the evaluation of how green do you want to go. Consideration must go into the planning from the very beginning. Will there be solar panels incorporated into roof design? Will foundation design need to include an under-the-floor heating system? Building green begins with the exploration of options before an architect ever draws a line. Here are some tips of things to consider as you begin to plan your dream green home: 

  • Site For Solar – To get the most out of an energy plan using solar energy, solar panels need unobstructed access to the sun for several hours. Review building site location at different times of the day to see if shadows from tree lines or neighboring structures will obstruct the panels from charging during sunlight hours.
  • Proper Insulation – Insulation can mean the difference between saving energy or driving up consumption. Energy is either lost or absorbed through walls, windows, roofs and foundations.
  • Roofs Matter – Decisions for roof design are not just about the aesthetics. The shape of a roof can affect energy efficiency and structural stability. By being designed to provide proper drainage, a roof can better protect a home. By being sufficiently insulated, a roof can dramatically affect the efficiency of a home’s heating and cooling system.
  • Green Appliances – From tankless water heaters to the latest, state-of-the-art appliances, Caldwell & Johnson can bring “green” to more than a home’s architectural design. 

Green building is becoming increasingly popular in new home construction. Please contact us and let our experts assist you in navigating the many options of renewable materials and sustainable building products to help you create an eco-friendly home that suits your personal style.

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