Your home. It is much more than walls and windows. It is where you have chosen to put down roots and grow your family. If you are fortunate to stay in one home long enough, you’ve made memories that you love to recall over morning coffee.

31560007There are many reasons you choose to add space and value to your home. Your family grows in more than one way. From children to aging parents, the need to expand your living space is a serious decision. At Caldwell and Johnson, we have already thought of the important factors you need to consider before adding on.

We know when you enter a custom home building project or a home addition, some of the factors to consider include budget, energy efficiency, and personal style.

A budget is not just a suggestion, it is the first guideline to take into account. We understand making upgrades to your home while keeping within your budgetary limits is important to your families quality of living. We can show you your options without breaking the bank.

Hand in hand with your budget is the need to be energy-efficient. We recognize the value to you and our Rhode Island communities that comes with being an Energy Star Partner and Certified Green Energy Professionals. We do our part to be good stewards of your time and money. We have done the research for you and only use the best and most energy-efficient materials. Please ask us about our Residential Energy Guarantee.

Your home is an extension of your personality. You have added your own special touch to make your living space more than just a place to go after work. It is your personal sanctuary. Upon completion, an addition must have the atmosphere of having been a part of your home from its beginning.

We have more than 50 years of experience in residential new construction and major remodeling projects in Rhode Island. Contact us and arrange to meet with one of our professional consultants to evaluate your needs. You have many more memories to be made.

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