Moving into a new home is exciting. In fact, it’s one of the “biggest” days you’ll experience in life — a day you’ll always remember. The future seems bright and you’re engrossed in the fun of decorating and making your new home an expression of you. But when that initial excitement wears off, you begin to want to change things that you compromised on when you decided to buy. You like the kitchen’s layout but not the floor or the counter tops. You wish there was another bathroom, but because you liked most of the rest of the house, you settled for a full bath and a small powder room. The list goes on. The things that you thought you could live with seem more bothersome once you settle in. Now you need to dig into your bank account or borrow more money to renovate, or just continue to “live with” the things that annoy you.

But it’s a different experience with a home that’s custom-built just for you. From the beginning, you get to decide on the features you want. When the house is finished, and moving day finally arrives, you’re moving into a house that already expresses you and your family’s lifestyle. There’s no need for any cleaning before you move in, and no need to change anything. It’s a great feeling! Everything’s new, energy-efficient, and, well, perfect!

You’ll pay a little more, and you may wait a little longer for a custom-built home, but you won’t have to shell out money or take out a loan to renovate, and your new home will be built with the most up-to-date, low-maintenance materials, energy-efficient systems, windows, roof and more.

If you live in Rhode Island and you’re in the market for a new home, contact us to explore the idea of investing in a custom-built home from Caldwell & Johnson. We’ve been building beautiful, sustainable homes in the area for nearly five decades, and we’d love to be the builders that make your dream home a reality!

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