The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) states, “Key Trends in the European and U.S. Construction Marketplace, operating costs for green buildings are on average 8 to 9% lower, building values are 7.5% higher, buildings have a 3.5% greater occupancy ratio, and green buildings provide a 6.6% total return on investment.” Therefore, not only do green homes save you money on your electric and water bills, the have a higher demand and value at resale. This all comes from a 45 percent reduction in electricity usage and 39 percent reduction of water.

However, GSA also cites multiple studies when reporting on the positive environmental impact. Green home building techniques reduce the waste going to landfill from construction projects by 95 percent. The process includes location selection, and a proper site reduces pollution. Moreover, sustainable designs do factor in the entire life-cycle of the home, including things like materials used and greenhouse gasses. It is not just the homes itself, but also the acquisition of materials, transportation to and from the home, and other factors including the eventual demolishing some time in the far future. Therefore, the money spent on green home buildings is well invested.

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