You’ve got your ideal home in mind and you’ve found your idyllic lot. All of that ought to go together but the process of custom home building can run up against some obstacles if one important design consideration is overlooked:  Where will the house go?

It’s not enough to just have the lot picked out and the house plans in hand.  Locating the house on the lot requires some careful thought, too.  There are aspects that will make the house more comfortable and livable, such as knowing which ways to face windows that will catch or avoid bright sunshine, as well as permitting issues such as requirements for setbacks and easements. 

Knowing where your building inspector will allow you to place driveways, fences, utilities such as wells, septic systems and fuel storage tanks can limit your options when deciding where the building will go on your property.  In some cases, this can affect the design of the structure such that the home can be built with to be compliant with the required clearances to the main structure.  If there are any outbuildings to be considered, they can also affect where to put down your homes footprint.

In addition to the objects on the surface, objects below the surface sometimes need to be considered, also.  If ledge (bedrock) is discovered during excavation, blasting may be necessary.  Your builder might be able to identify areas where ledge is likely, allowing you to make decisions on the design or location of the home that will avoid this additional cost. 

Caldwell and Johnson is an experienced home builder with over 500 projects completed in the State of Rhode Island.  We can assist you with assessing your lot, designing your custom built home and mitigating any issues with site preparation.  Contact us to discuss your project.

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