Without a doubt, if you want to increase your home’s value, invest in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. A new or updated kitchen or bathroom is one of the best things that you can to for the future of your home.

According to a recent news article on ROI (return on investment), both types of remodeling jobs are ideal for homeowners who are interested in increasing their home’s value.

As an article on Realtor.com points out, no matter what renovation you choose, you’ll recoup around 65% of your entire costs, which is great news for those who have an idea but don’t know which room to begin in.

While many of the most beneficial home upgrades boost insulative values and make your home more efficient, most renovations increase your home’s value overall, even if their ROI isn’t “ideal.”

For example, even though an upscale bathroom upgrade only recoups an average of 57% of the cost, for those with no choice, a new bathroom will still help you sell your home later on down the road.

On the other hand, if you have been pondering a kitchen upgrade, according to recently released statistics from Remodeling.com‘s annual 2016 “Cost Versus Value Report,” you can expect to recoup more money this year over last. Kudos to you for waiting!

Finally, while we can’t stress enough the importance of thinking for the future, we also feel that you should do what makes you happy and what makes sense for your family.

Though it is virtually impossible to be correct about your renovation plans 100% of the time, you should still follow through with whatever ideas and dreams that you have. 

The good news is, for those with new kitchen and bathroom dreams, your happiness comes with an extra and added benefit: return on investment in the form of recouping labor and material costs.

We can help you with all of your home additions and renovations, including kitchens, bathrooms, and green building. Please contact us today for additional information.

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