Oftentimes, new home builders will focus more on price and location than on one of the most important issues, energy efficiency.

Green home building embraces the idea of building energy efficient homes that will leave smaller carbon thumbprints on the earth and on the environment. This is also an important economic issue that is becoming increasingly important to lawmakers.

Why is Green Home Building so important?

By using a green home builder, the homeowner can live in a home that uses less water and energy. Houses built using green technology are healthier places to live and create less waste.

Unlike conventional building techniques, green home building incorporates techniques that utilize resources in a more efficient manner at every phase of the building cycles. This includes renovation, construction, operation, maintenance and demolition.

What does building green entail?

Green building contractors use aesthetic and technical planning that is focused on nature conservation. It is common for green building designs to reflect their surrounding environments using local, sustainable, natural resources such as straw or bamboo. They often turn to recycled resources as well, which lessen building costs.  By using locally sourced materials, the air pollution associated with hauling building materials across long distances is reduced exponentially.

Caldwell & Johnson

Since 1968, Caldwell & Johnson has been building high quality, energy-efficient homes. However, today, the company has fully embraced green home building techniques that help make the world a safer, better place.  If you are interested in learning more about green building practices, or are considering building a new home, please contact us for further information.

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