historical renovations rhode islandYou’ve found a beautiful old home-as picture-perfect as if you’ve plucked it straight out of an old photograph. Well, you know it will be picture-perfect once it’s renovated… You might think renovations are a job you can tackle yourself-after all, isn’t everyone always telling you how crafty and creative you are? Before you get in over your head, slow down. Even the craftiest and ingeniously creative among us would have trouble handling historical renovations on their own. Historical renovations in Rhode Island should always be handled by a professional to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the home. Here are just a few reasons why a professional is needed for successful historical renovations:

1. Windows. Windows are often the first place new homeowners want to begin when renovating a historic house. This is an extremely tricky task, because many historic houses have the original windows which are very unique and quite different from modern windows. If care is not taken to replace or fix these windows properly, it ruins the style of the home and can lead to practical problems as well.

2. Roofing. Replacing or repairing roofing on a historical home is a challenge because materials used when the house was built are vastly different from current roofing material. The colors, textures, and style of most current roofing materials would detract from the authenticity of the historic home. A professional with expertise in historic renovations can help you choose current roofing materials in colors and styles that resemble the original materials, while still passing building codes.

3. Paint. While changing paint colors in a historic home doesn’t sound like a difficult task, it does require the attention of a professional. Many older homes used lead paint and stripping/sanding paint from walls, railings, and trim can be a dangerous task if not performed properly. A professional understands the safety measures that must be taken when working with old paint, and can properly dispose of the residue. If your home belongs to a historic preservation organization, there are rules and guidelines to follow when repainting. Specific colors appropriate to the time period of your home must be used.

4. Decks and porches. It is imperative that one has a vast knowledge of the time period of your home before renovating decks and porches. Modern decks and porches would look sadly out of place on a historic home.

5. Pools, decorations, landscapes. The outer elements of your home must also adhere to strict guidelines if you are part of a historical organization. The correct plants, garden styles, pools, and structures (gazebos, sheds) will enhance your home’s historical authenticity and value while adhering to committee guidelines.

Professionals with an extensive background in historical renovations are the key to achieving a beautiful home that adheres to any guidelines you may need to follow. Trying to attempt a job like this on your own can waste valuable time and money. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding historical renovations.

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