There are many reasons to remodel a kitchen-maybe your house is old and the kitchen is painfully outdated, your cabinets are falling apart, or perhaps you just want something fresh and new. Whatever the reason, a kitchen remodel is the perfect time to ensure that your kitchen is designed with functionality in mind. Check out these tips to help you embark on a functional kitchen remodel:

CJ Beach 131. Flow. In order to have a functional kitchen, you must ensure proper flow through the room. Remodeling your kitchen provides you with the chance to remove obstructing counters or cabinets, and move around appliances to promote efficiency. Consider removing bulky counters that cut the kitchen in half, and replace with an island-islands create a central space for storage that does not restrict movement around the room. U-shaped islands allow a space for you to stand and prep food without being in the way of others moving through the kitchen. Be sure your appliances are in the best places to increase functionality-refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove should all be placed strategically to help you work more efficiently. Adding a pot filler faucet over your stove eliminates the need to carry heavy, bulky pots of water across the kitchen, and freezers can be built into cabinetry to increase cold storage. Good flow allows you to move around quickly, and eliminates obstacles that make the kitchen less inviting.

2. Continuity. Blending your appliances in seamlessly with your cabinetry creates a continuous appearance that contributes to the overall flow of the room. Choose integrated doors to cover appliances like the dishwasher, or order custom-crafted refrigerators that match your cabinets.

3. Organization. Organization is key when remodeling for functionality. Integrate custom-sized drawers (extra deep, wide, or tall) and corner cabinets that work for specific items such as wine bottles, spices, utensils, or over-sized pans to ensure organized storage in your kitchen. Try vertical storage on unused wall space by using magnets, hooks, and rods to store frequently used items. Add innovative lighting solutions to deep drawers and cabinets that are to see into-motion-activated lighting strips can help prevent messes and save you from losing items in the recesses of dark cabinets.

Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding a functional kitchen remodel.

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