Building a new home to your specifications is a dream project. After all, you now have the resources to construct everything just the way you want it.  For many homeowners, though, the process becomes stressful do to poor planning and unrealistic expectations. to make your construction experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, here are five mistakes to avoid during the custom home building process.

Designing Without a Budget or Property in Mind

This pitfall only leads to disappointment as homebuyers needs to know what their budget is for both land and the construction itself. Set a total budget and then buy your property first. The remaining part will go towards construction. Having property selected goes a long way toward design as your builder can knowledgeably draw up plans that speak to the size of the lot, orientation to the sun, slopes and other peculiarities.

Buying Too Much House

You’ve been approved for that $1.5 million mortgage, but can you really afford the payments? Knowing what you can realistically afford now can help you prioritize features. You can always add elements such as an outdoor kitchen and entertainment area at a later date.

Going With the Lowest Bidder

While it’s tempting to do so, going with the lowest bidder won’t always get you the house of your dreams. Carefully read each proposal to see what is included as well as the quality of materials being used. Going with the lowest bidder may cost you more in the long run.

Bringing in Your Own Subcontractors

Many times people want to bring in Cousin Joe or a close friend to do plumbing or electrical work in order to save money or to do a favor for someone. This scenario almost always ends up with problems. As an experienced custom builder, Caldwell & Johnson works with a list of reliable and licensed subcontractors that have proven track records. Trust us to find the workmen that will build a quality house.

Not Having a Functional Layout

It doesn’t matter if your home is 4,000 square feet or 12,000 square feet, if you design your home simply to look beautiful and not think about how it fits your lifestyle, you won’t be happy in the end.  Make sure that kitchen, dining areas and family rooms are near one another and avoid long hallways that essentially become unusable space.

Contact the design experts at Caldwell & Johnson to learn more about how we can build the home of your dreams.

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