Modern building trends and design change each decade, and they are modified each year by experts, designers, architects, and popularity.

Sometimes, as building trends are altered, by the end of their life, they are so dramatically different from when they started that people forget how to interpret their initial aesthetics.

On the other hand, some building trends never go out of style.

As this recent article points out here, there is a return to personalization. One that, as the article points out, is an abandonment of the cookie-cutter homes of yesteryear.

As the article points out:

Given consumer confidence in the housing market, coupled with the rise in online photo-sharing and DIY interest from social media, we’re not surprised to see personalization trends hitting our industry.

With such a focus on diversity in home design, it’s no wonder that personal choice is running many home design trends for 2016.

Further, with an increased focus on personal taste and style, combined with the simple action of sharing home designs via social media websites, residential construction companies have seen an increase in unique requests.

Meanwhile, older trends aren’t totally out of style. If you want to know how to spruce up an old design, color, or room in your home, take to the internet and get some ideas. It’s easy to combine existing designs with your own personal taste, all without submitting to bland or passé elements.

So, go bold with your color! Go ahead and add an accent wall! Talk to a building professional about opening up your floor plan! It’s your house, so the design choices that you make should be all about your personal style.

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