Nearly every professional person linked to real estate will say the market is better off than it was a year ago. With this improvement has come an increase in the value of many home remodeling projects. There is a demand for bigger home improvements and increased energy efficiency. Kitchen remodels are at the top of the list. 

Houzz, a leading platform bringing homeowners and home professionals together, has targeted some of the hottest remodeling trends. We have compiled a list of what is going on with luxury kitchen remodels.

Two-tone Kitchen Cabinets – The current trend is to keep upper cabinets a neutral color or white, and use deeper and darker colors for the lower cabinets. The style allows you to show off a lot of your personality.

Colored stainless-steel Appliances – As it turns out, black is the new black. Light and dark color options are available and are trending.

Deep Kitchen Drawers – A top priority for any kitchen remodel is easy storage. Deep kitchen drawers have been growing in popularity for a while, but new innovations are making them even better.

Niche Appliances – It is time to get rid of that old microwave. Luxury kitchens now have steam ovens for better, healthier cooking. How about a warming drawer for when the significant other is running late?

Workhorse Islands – Kitchen islands are no longer just about extra counter space. They now have prep sinks, deep storage, seating, and more. Workhorse islands are quickly becoming a must-have feature.

Barely a Kitchen – One interesting trend is the open design kitchen. The kitchen becomes a more fluid space that is fully functioning but with a minimalist looking design. 

Openness & Raw Materials – A feature of the before mentioned barely a kitchen design is the use of open shelves and raw materials. Start here for a great new look.

Backsplash & Countertop Combinations – Today’s kitchen trends are looking for contrasts. Think along the lines of a yellow ceramic tile backsplash with butcher-block countertops or green back-pained glass with a Caesarstone countertop.

Mixing Materials – As with the two-tone cabinets and backsplash/countertop combinations, today’s kitchen trends are about mixing it up. Consider mixing finishes, colors, and materials.

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