You’re building your first home, and the excitement almost makes it hard to breathe. Choosing hardwood floors, carpet, appliance packages and planning on finishing the basement has heretofore taken all your thoughts. Have you thought about custom building for the safety of your pet? She’s family, too, and deserves the same comfort you’re planning for the kids and yourself. We have a few ideas for making your new custom home building pet safe and good looking at the same time.


It’s cute when we see the pup scrambling for purchase on a tile or hardwood floor with her feet going in all directions. It’s adorable when we watch her scratch her nose and her back on the carpet. However, it’s not so funny when she limps about, because she ran into the wall instead of taking that turn in good stride. We hurt for her when she tries so hard to get a grip on hardwood floors, but it knocks her nails askew so that she limps. A suggestion for your consideration would be to use textured flooring like stone. You could also consider cork or bamboo flooring. Vinyl and laminates are also prepped to resist moisture and allow the pup to walk normally. The pup’s nails won’t get torn up, and she’ll gain purchase when she needs to catch up to you.


Why do families keep the TV and entertainment cords, the computer wires, the phone chargers and other electrical cords and wires out of the way of children, but not the animals? Pups like to chew on anything, while kittens like to bat things around to see what they’ll do. Thus, they get quite a shock when a cord bites back, and that could mean serious pain for your fur baby. One answer to keeping both the small ones and the pup or kitten safe is to make use of build-ins. The cords would be tucked behind the entertainment machinery. As for the computer cords and phone chargers, Caldwell and Johnson has plenty of ideas for keeping them out of the way of the little ones as well as the fur babies. Your custom home will be safe as well as trendy.


Usually heating and cooling vents and in-takes are on walls or ceilings. However, sometimes they’re located on the floors. During your consultation and design sessions, remember the vents and in-takes. Ask that they be placed so the pup and kitten don’t step in them and hurt their legs. Small children just learning their way around like to discover what they can do. They sometimes take the vent covers off the vents and leave them open. Then they run the risk of stepping in them themselves. Placing vents on walls and ceilings takes a load off your mind and keeps the kids and animals safe.

There is much more to keeping little ones and furry ones safe such as keeping plants toxic to animals out of their way, making sure kids and animals can’t get into the cabinets or the washer and dryer and keeping medications and cleaning chemicals out of the way of both kids and pets. While you plan for these things, we’ll be building your new custom home to the greenest and safest standards. Please contact us for a consultation.

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