When someone has a custom home built, they are able to choose the layout of the home, type of cabinetry, fixtures and a myriad of other options. Most of these choices are, admittedly, about the way the home looks, its aesthetic appeal. However, what you may not realize is that there is more to custom home building. It’s also about creating green, technology rich spaces that are uniquely suited to the needs of the family that resides in them.


Green Homes

Increasing energy costs are a driving force behind new home construction. According to a recent survey, 82 percent of homeowners cite saving money on their energy bills as the main reason to install clean energy systems. Solar panels, water-saving appliances and insulation to improve heating and cooling system efficiency are among the most common choices. The use of renewable and recycled building materials are also embraced by homeowners seeking to diminish their environmental impact.

Integrating Technology

Technological breakthroughs allow us to have all kinds of conveniences wired directly into our homes. An alarm system that automatically locks your doors when you leave, heating and cooling systems that sense when to come on and shut off and lighting that can be controlled from any room and WIFI hubs throughout the home are just a few. These and other high-tech innovations are being integrated into just about every custom built home. The aren’t just luxuries, they’re fast becoming an absolute necessity for busy families everywhere, keeping them connected, secure and comfortable.

Uniquely Suited

While it’s true that humans are extremely adaptable, nothing beats having a home designed and built specifically for your needs. You and your family are unique and a cookie cutter home or pre-owned home aren’t going to fulfill all your desires. You’ll likely end up remodeling, just to bring it close to the vision you have of the perfect home. With a custom built home, you decide the layout of the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. That means you have a home that’s completely unique, meant for you. It will be perfectly suited to your family and your lifestyle.

A custom built home is a fantastic way to express your personality, taste and personal beliefs. It can be elaborate and highly polished, or simple and functional, whatever makes you happy. If you want to learn more about custom home building, or if you have any questions, please contact us. Our friendly, professional staff would love to talk to you.

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