As the years pass by, so do design trends. They are constantly changing and evolving, and this coming year will surely have lots of cool stuff and inspirational ideas in store for you. Check out some custom home building design trends that you will surely love in 2017.

Laundry Room

We’re past the days of just sticking a washer and dryer in the corner or a closet. Laundry is quickly becoming something that is worthy of its own room, and there are many ways to design this room to perfection. You can fully equip your laundry room with storage space and folding space, without forgetting about adequate lighting and fun decor. 

White Kitchen 

White kitchens are pretty much something that comes and goes when you’re talking about trends, but they are definitely on the rise in recent years, and are especially expected to gain more popularity in 2017. There’s nothing better than a crisp, clean white kitchen. Adding some wood accents into the mix will definitely help to keep things from looking too boring. 

Living Area Colors 

When designing your main living area, keep in mind that neutral colors are all the craze. And we don’t just mean one shade of beige, but rather several different shades of beige in one area. And romantic bedroom colors are in demand for 2017. This means colors like deep red, raspberry, caramel, and even black. 

Pendant Lighting 

In the past, pendant lighting was something that people just considered in their kitchen or dining areas, but they are now gaining popularity in other parts of homes as well, including bedrooms. They are practical, playful, and the perfect way to free up some space. 

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