Next to your kitchen, your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your home. This gives you all the more reason to want it just perfect. When it comes to custom home building, you always want to consider your needs first. 


Your focus should always be on functionality. Your bathroom works very hard to please you, which makes it a priority that’s it’s fully functional in every way. Strongly consider this when choosing a toilet, a sink, a tub, and a shower. Think of how you can build these things to your benefit, and how they can make your life a little easier. 


Bathrooms are somewhere that you can go to unwind and relax. On top of being functional, bathrooms are like a sanctuary to de-stress in and wash away all of your cares. Keep this in mind when you choose your colors and your style. Plan for little luxuries and a relaxing motif. 


Sometimes the entire vibe of a bathroom depends on what type of lighting you have. It can directly affect your mood and your appearance in the mirror. The lighting also has to correlate well with the colors of the bathroom. 

Finishing Touches 

The right finishing touches can really make all the difference. Plants and greenery incorporated into your bathroom can do just that. Other touches can include the right towels, shower curtains, wall art, furniture, and more.

Contact us today at Caldwell & Johnson for more information on custom home building and how we can help you to create the bathroom of your dreams. 

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