One of the most important parts of building a beach house is protecting it from the elements. This means waterproofing it and bracing it for strong winds, among other things. When you build by the water, this becomes an essential part of the whole building process. Take a look at some custom beach house building weatherproofing ideas. 

Building Materials 

You can’t just use any old material when building your beach house, or else you are going to deal with deterioration due to the coastal air, unless you feel like dealing with time very time-consuming and tedious upkeep. Your best bet is to go with materials like stucco concrete blocks and cedar shake roofing, both of which will last more than twice as long as something like asphalt. 


Regular windows are not going to hold up well to strong winds and flying debris. It’s important to get windows with an impact-resistant coating that can withstand extreme winds and flying debris without shattering. This will also increase the entire stability of your house. 

Door Handles 

Regular metal door handles will likely rust from the salty air. You will want to go with something that won’t pit or corrode, such as arched handles that have a protective bronze finish on them. 


You should definitely go with vaulted ceilings opposed to regular ceilings since vaulted ceilings will keep your house cooler by pulling the warmer air high above your living area. Regular ceilings will just create more stuffiness. 


Wood floors are a staple in beach houses, but on their own they will not hold up well as they are prone to warping and rotting. The perfect solution to this is to paint the floorboards and add a glossy, oil-based finish for added durability. 

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