Beach houses conjure up images of summers on the beach, sunlight streaming through windows, outdoor showers, relaxed meals on ample decks. And they are all of those things. But there are also structural issues to consider when building a beach house. The windows (for the view), the outdoor shower (to keep sand on the beach and out of the house), and a great deck are all important, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg.

When planning to build a custom beach house, it’s important to remember that the structure itself needs to be fortified for protection against the wind and waves, tropical storms, hurricanes and tidal surges. These realities are the other side of the ‘beach house coin’, so to speak. The sea is amazingly beautiful, but can also be incredibly violent, and a well-built beach house must be able to withstand its unpredictable nature. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) created the fortified home program to help protect homes from these and other natural disasters. Since you want your new beach house to be safe above all else, the builder you choose should use IBHS fortified home standards and materials. These standards are broken down into three designations:

  • Bronze addresses roofing system upgrades that guard against water entering the attic through roof coverings and/or vents
  • Silver addresses windows, doors and attached structures as well as the roof
  • Gold ties the whole structure together (roof, windows and doors, walls and foundation as one fortified structure.

The owner can work with the builder and choose the level of fortification desired, depending on personal need, preferences and budget. This ensures that your new beach house will not only be beautiful, but strong enough to withstand the worst that nature can throw at it.

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