Modern building trends and design change each decade, and they are modified each year by experts, designers, architects, and popularity.

Sometimes, as building trends are altered, by the end of their life, they are so dramatically different from when they started that people forget how to interpret their initial aesthetics.

On the other hand, some building trends never go out of style.

As this recent article points out here, there is a return to personalization. One that, as the article points out, is an abandonment of the cookie-cutter homes of yesteryear.

As the article points out:

Given consumer confidence in the housing market, coupled with the rise in online photo-sharing and DIY interest from social media, we’re not surprised to see personalization trends hitting our industry.

With such a focus on diversity in home design, it’s no wonder that personal choice is running many home design trends for 2016.

Further, with an increased focus on personal taste and style, combined with the simple action of sharing home designs via social media websites, residential construction companies have seen an increase in unique requests.

Meanwhile, older trends aren’t totally out of style. If you want to know how to spruce up an old design, color, or room in your home, take to the internet and get some ideas. It’s easy to combine existing designs with your own personal taste, all without submitting to bland or passé elements.

So, go bold with your color! Go ahead and add an accent wall! Talk to a building professional about opening up your floor plan! It’s your house, so the design choices that you make should be all about your personal style.

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We can help you personalize your home or property! We have completed over 500 custom residential new construction and major remodeling projects in Rhode Island

Without a doubt, if you want to increase your home’s value, invest in a kitchen or bathroom remodel. A new or updated kitchen or bathroom is one of the best things that you can to for the future of your home.

According to a recent news article on ROI (return on investment), both types of remodeling jobs are ideal for homeowners who are interested in increasing their home’s value.

As an article on points out, no matter what renovation you choose, you’ll recoup around 65% of your entire costs, which is great news for those who have an idea but don’t know which room to begin in.

While many of the most beneficial home upgrades boost insulative values and make your home more efficient, most renovations increase your home’s value overall, even if their ROI isn’t “ideal.”

For example, even though an upscale bathroom upgrade only recoups an average of 57% of the cost, for those with no choice, a new bathroom will still help you sell your home later on down the road.

On the other hand, if you have been pondering a kitchen upgrade, according to recently released statistics from‘s annual 2016 “Cost Versus Value Report,” you can expect to recoup more money this year over last. Kudos to you for waiting!

Finally, while we can’t stress enough the importance of thinking for the future, we also feel that you should do what makes you happy and what makes sense for your family.

Though it is virtually impossible to be correct about your renovation plans 100% of the time, you should still follow through with whatever ideas and dreams that you have. 

The good news is, for those with new kitchen and bathroom dreams, your happiness comes with an extra and added benefit: return on investment in the form of recouping labor and material costs.

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There are fewer greater things that increase your home’s value and your comfort than a stellar kitchen remodel.

A new kitchen does wonders for putting equity into their home. However, a simple kitchen remodel means more than new cabinets, new appliances, and new flooring.

In fact, there are several mistakes that you can make if you choose to upgrade your kitchen. Here are five.

1. Not leaving room for enough counter space: While you might have a picturesque design in mind, forgetting to add ample counter space is a big blunder in a kitchen renovation. If anything, plan for more counter space and cut later if you need to.

2. Not setting aside ample storage: In a kitchen, food and small appliance storage capacity is your best friend. If you forget to add adequate storage to your kitchen, you’ll be in for some future trouble. Consult building manuals or an expert for help with proper cabinet storage design.

3. Letting go of the right lights: Lighting changes how a room appears and feels. Home remodelers often lack the skills to strike the right balance. To avoid poor lighting, do your research before you plan your renovation adventure.

4. Measuring like a professional: If you have ever been inside of a kitchen where things are a bit off-balance, you know where we’re coming from. Just remember the old adage when you begin your project: measure twice, cut once.

5. Adding a useless island addition: Don’t get us wrong, we love a well-designed and well-placed island. What we don’t like, however, is an island that is crammed in or is in the way of basic kitchen duties. Before you get your heart set (and broken) by an island addition, use our advice above and measure appropriately.

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The custom home building process is an exciting time for any customer. When a mobility-related disability is present, the process can lead to a feeling of more independence within the home.

  • Make sure the doors meet federal disability standards. The most important aspect of the home is to make sure all of the doorways meet federal standards. If there is concern about a specific chair, bring it with you when you meet with the builder to use as a measuring tool.
  • Consider an open concept in order to ensure there is enough room for moving freely through the home.
  • Safety is paramount. If you need them for stability, ensure that each bathroom you use has safety bars installed.
  • Ask for lower counters so that you are able to reach the sink and properly use the space without having to struggle.
  • Cabinets are a must for storage space in the home. In the kitchen and other rooms that will have cabinets with shelves, have adjustable shelves installed. Talk about cabinets with shelves lowered using a hook. These work great in the kitchen for seeing spices or even dishes.
  • Level entry way. One more note on doorways, make sure that all doorways to the outdoors are level. If there is a garage attached, ensure this transition is also level. A level entry way creates a safe, smooth entry for any type of mobility device. 
  • Ranch style works best if not have some type of lift or elevator installed during the building process.

If you have questions about accessibility in your custom home contact us today. We understand every customer’s needs are different and look forward to designing a home fit for your needs.

CJ Beach 13

If you think it’s too soon in the year to consider how a custom beach house will benefit you, then think again.

If you have dreamed for a long time about having your own custom-built beach house, we think this is the year that you should take the next step.

A custom beach house is more than just a place to spend your vacation and leisure time. In the end, if you move or are ready to sell, it is also an investment in your future.

If you’re interested in learning more, here are 3 reasons to have a custom-built beach house of your very own.

  1. A custom-built beach house trumps a pre-built version any day of the week. Why? With a custom beach house, you get exactly what amenities you what wherever you want them. You’ll never be able to say the same thing about an existing, pre-built beach house.
  2. With a custom-built beach house, you decide on the plot’s placement, not the other way around. Perhaps the biggest complaint about beach house shopping is finding the beach house of your dreams and being disappointed by its location. Nothing hurts worse than turning down a beach house simply because of its locale. With a custom-built beach house, this situation will never be the case.
  3. You’ll get all the amenities that you want in a custom-built beach house. Want an extra shower outside for washing off sand? We’ve got you covered. Want an open floor plan? Just ask us or a design. Is green living more up your alley? We can help with that as well.

A custom beach house brings with it everything that you want and more. We recommend working with a trusted contractor and designer when building your beach house.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you with your custom-built beach house, please contact us today. 

Kitchens sell properties. And a kitchen remodel can add big value to your home or property.

In fact, according to the national average, if you complete a kitchen remodel this year, you can look forward to recouping nearly 75% of all of your costs.

So, no matter if you plan to do most of the work yourself, or if you have plans to hire a general contractor and sub-contractors, never underestimate the power of a remodeled kitchen.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons to consider a winter kitchen remodel.

1. You need new cabinets. Cabinets can make or break a kitchen. So when cabinets get old, are falling apart, or you change direction in style, it’s time to complete the project with a new kitchen.

2. Your kitchen flooring has seen better days. There are many poor flooring choices. Mainly, though, when flooring begins to decay, it’s often a sign that your kitchen needs to be updated along with it. Consider it a sign, and begin your redesign.

3. You are planning to sell your home. As we mentioned, a home with an outdated kitchen won’t do you any favors when it comes time to sell your property. Begin planning your kitchen updates, at least, six months in advance of a property sale.

4. You need more functionality. Size isn’t everything in regards to a kitchen. But when you outgrow what you have, a kitchen remodel should be next on the docket. 

5. You need new appliances. New and fancy appliances need a fresh home. If you are in the market for a new range or refrigerator, consider how a brand new kitchen will benefit you and your new toys.

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Founded in 1968, Caldwell & Johnson has completed over 500 custom residential new construction and major remodeling projects in Rhode Island.

Some home building trends come and go quickly. While others stand the test of time and stick around for a while. One thing’s consistent with home building trends, the one that you choose to adopt will have dramatic results on your home’s value and your built and established equity.

However, one thing’s consistent with home building trends, the one that you choose to adopt will have dramatic results on your home’s value and your already built and established equity.

So, if you’re interested in knowing what the popular home trends are for 2016, this post is for you.

Open concept homes are here to stay for 2016. So, as open concept design continues to grow in popularity, many homeowners and home builders are busy redesigning older homes to retrofit the emerging and popular style. No matter the type of home that you have (or want), you simply can’t go wrong with an open concept design in 2016.

Kitchens will remain large and brilliant white this year as homeowners have continued to make this lovely and modern style viable and beautiful. White-on-white designs throughout the kitchen will continue to dominate the kitchen design market while islands and cooking areas stay in clear focus as the new year emerges.

Homes that adopted modern styles a few years back are in luck for the new year as contemporary and comfortable styles remain in the forefront of home design. If you are planning a home design update for 2016, consider contemporary paints, tiles, and colors to set off your home’s new style and brilliance.

While man caves and basement dwellings were in vogue for the first half of the teens, get away rooms and entertainment escapes have slowly moved into first place. Transform your home’s open design concept by adding a functional recreation or game room to the first floor. Since technology has an ever-growing space in our lives, your newly designed space will have the staying power to carry it long into the next decade.

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Choosing the interior and exterior color palettes when building your ‘green’ home is one the most exciting parts of the process. The colors you choose are an integral part of your personal expression, as well as making this house truly your home. Although it is linked to your inner creativity, the decision on which paint you use comes with a bit of pressure.

Paint isn’t just about decoration, it’s about your health, and that of the planet.

According to a study conducted by the National Cancer Institute, those who work in the painting trades had a “significantly increased risk of cancer, a result that indicates that paints may be dangerous to your health, your family, and the environment.”


Toxic ingredients  

From volatile organic compounds (VOCs), to biocides and fungicides, along with some pigments; these dangerous ingredients are readily available on the paint market today.

VOCs are a class of chemicals that evaporate at room temperature. When evaporation occurs, off-gas can cause a variety of symptoms like nausea, dizziness, eye irritation and difficulty breathing; which could be linked to larger health problems such as damage to the lungs, heart, and kidneys or a sign of cancer. These same chemicals escape and contaminate the outdoor air as well; known to contribute more than 1.75 million pounds of VOC emissions every year in the state of California alone.

Toxic fungicides are used to prevent mildew, and biocides preserve the overall life of the paint. These toxins also contaminate both indoor and outdoor air, and are still detectable five years after painting.

How to pick your paint 

The best option is to select a paint that has zero to low VOCs, low biocides, and all natural pigments. Some zero to very low VOC paints include recycled water based paint, acrylic and latex paints. For the interior, milk paints and natural paints made from natural substances such as minerals, balsam, and citrus are best. It is important to note that all exterior paints contain fungicides and biocides. An exterior paint that uses zinc oxide as the fungicide, is ideal.

How to pick your colors 

Mood and lighting are the keys when painting indoors. Consider the room and what you want it to feel like. Brighter colors and warmer tones give a more sociable atmosphere, whereas deeper colors give off a formal tone. Next, think about the natural lighting in that room. Sunlight shows off true color, and incandescent lighting brings out warm tones.

For the exterior, think of the climate you live in. Colder climates will do will with darker tones to absorb the heat from the sun; and warmer climates will do well with lighter colors that reflect the heat.


Being aware of the toxic ingredients in paint, and knowing how to select safer products are the first steps in the exciting process of choosing the color palettes when building your green home. Sustainable products will provide a happy and healthy ambience, no matter which colors you choose.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in paint swatches?

Contact us today to learn more about the eco-friendly paints and other products we use to build a green home.

You’re building your first home, and the excitement almost makes it hard to breathe. Choosing hardwood floors, carpet, appliance packages and planning on finishing the basement has heretofore taken all your thoughts. Have you thought about custom building for the safety of your pet? She’s family, too, and deserves the same comfort you’re planning for the kids and yourself. We have a few ideas for making your new custom home building pet safe and good looking at the same time.


It’s cute when we see the pup scrambling for purchase on a tile or hardwood floor with her feet going in all directions. It’s adorable when we watch her scratch her nose and her back on the carpet. However, it’s not so funny when she limps about, because she ran into the wall instead of taking that turn in good stride. We hurt for her when she tries so hard to get a grip on hardwood floors, but it knocks her nails askew so that she limps. A suggestion for your consideration would be to use textured flooring like stone. You could also consider cork or bamboo flooring. Vinyl and laminates are also prepped to resist moisture and allow the pup to walk normally. The pup’s nails won’t get torn up, and she’ll gain purchase when she needs to catch up to you.


Why do families keep the TV and entertainment cords, the computer wires, the phone chargers and other electrical cords and wires out of the way of children, but not the animals? Pups like to chew on anything, while kittens like to bat things around to see what they’ll do. Thus, they get quite a shock when a cord bites back, and that could mean serious pain for your fur baby. One answer to keeping both the small ones and the pup or kitten safe is to make use of build-ins. The cords would be tucked behind the entertainment machinery. As for the computer cords and phone chargers, Caldwell and Johnson has plenty of ideas for keeping them out of the way of the little ones as well as the fur babies. Your custom home will be safe as well as trendy.


Usually heating and cooling vents and in-takes are on walls or ceilings. However, sometimes they’re located on the floors. During your consultation and design sessions, remember the vents and in-takes. Ask that they be placed so the pup and kitten don’t step in them and hurt their legs. Small children just learning their way around like to discover what they can do. They sometimes take the vent covers off the vents and leave them open. Then they run the risk of stepping in them themselves. Placing vents on walls and ceilings takes a load off your mind and keeps the kids and animals safe.

There is much more to keeping little ones and furry ones safe such as keeping plants toxic to animals out of their way, making sure kids and animals can’t get into the cabinets or the washer and dryer and keeping medications and cleaning chemicals out of the way of both kids and pets. While you plan for these things, we’ll be building your new custom home to the greenest and safest standards. Please contact us for a consultation.

Why You Should Build Green

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Today, it is more important than ever to pay attention to the health of the world we live in. Naturally, there are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the best ways is to build a “green” home. Why build “green”? Along with protecting the environment, there are actually many benefits that homeowners will see green home building.

Green Benefits


One of the most important benefits you will see when you build a green home is the costs associated to energy consumption. One thing that all humans have in common is that we all require a great amount of energy in order to live. We use this energy through the appliances we use in our home. These appliances could be in any room of the home and could also be a part of the inner workings of the home itself.

The materials used to create the home also create more or less energy consumption depending on what is used to create them. Green windows and other building supplies can greatly cut down on the amount of energy that is used in the home. Not only is this extremely beneficial to the environment, but it can also cut down the electric bill for the homeowner.

Green buildings also have a benefit to our health in addition to the effect they have on our checkbooks. One factor that helps with this is the reduced amount of pollution that green materials displace. In the end, this can improve the indoor air quality of the building, which will ultimately improve the health of everyone in the building.

If you are interested in learning more about building a green home, be sure to contact us today.

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