Smart Storage 

There’s nothing like good old practical storage. Extra storage will never go out of style, and you can really never have enough drawers and cabinets. You’ll want to take full advantage of any vertical space that you have to work with. Instead of leaving blank walls, try having shelving or cabinetry built up the walls. It not only gives you extra space to store towels and toiletries, but it look great, too.

Easy Use 

It’s all about ease of use these days, and not to mention ease of cleaning. Try a no-threshold shower, meaning a shower with no ledge to have to step over. This contemporary design is becoming increasingly popular and can really open your bathroom up. You can even try a bathtub/shower combination with the same concept. Floating vanities are another stylish trend. They are easier to use because you can customize the height to your liking.

Bold Lighting 

You can really play with the lighting in your bathroom. Go for funky pendants, wall scones, or an elegant chandelier. Illuminate your vanity with combinations of up lights, low lights, and overhead lights. Think functional and trendy.

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