Nobody wants a home that is dark, cramped, or outdated. The main trick in avoiding this is to refrain from adding too much furniture/decor that can weigh down your rooms and obstruct your walls and your windows. That mixed with your colors and the types of windows that you have is the perfect recipe for a light and airy feel. It is no surprise that this building trend is so popular. 


Less is more when it comes to the furniture in your home. The last thing you want is to feel confined or restricted in any way. How you place your furniture is very important as well. Never block off any windows or doors. Not only will it block off natural light, but it will interfere with the entire traffic flow and circulation of the room. 


The larger the better when it comes to your windows. You will want to let in as much natural light as possible, while creating a fabulous view of the outdoors at the same time. Be careful with your curtain selection, too, since you don’t want to block the light with something too dark. Think sheer. Keep your blinds opened and your windows cracked during the day. 

White on White 

Nothing creates that open and airy feeling like white on white. The more white the better. White walls, white furniture, white carpeting, and white paint. It’s the best way to promote that crisp, clean feeling that is so desired. You can always add splashes of color throughout your home, but just try to keep it fresh looking with as much white as possible. 

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