A luxury green home building is more than the latest trend or fashion statement. Builders and homeowners agree, suitable building methods and eco-friendly homes are a necessity. Based on some data, nearly half of all energy and material consumption comes from buildings. Additionally, buildings are responsible for 25 percent of all wood harvested and a sixth of all water use. Therefore, green home building is common sense.

The good news is the simplistic and cold green homes of the past are gone. Today’s luxury green home building are high performance, healthy, and stylish. In the past, environmentally sensitive construction meant making compromises on lifestyle or design. However, today’s luxury green homes are dream homes. However, the benefits, of a new luxury green home, don’t end there.

Benefits of Luxury Green Home Building

Financial – The cost savings over a 20-year span outweighs the additional cost of construction. Some studies report a more than tenfold return. Therefore, an added $40,000 invested in building green design returns $400,000 over 20 years. 

Market Value – Luxury green homes sell at a higher price with sustainable components. It is a simple fact, green homes outperform traditional homes based on utility and maintenance costs. This increases buyer appeal and demand.

Health Buildings – Today’s luxury green homes do not suffer from the “sick building syndrome” of older homes and buildings. Ventilation and whole-house air cleaning systems remove the causes of indoor air pollution.

Finally, if one goes the extra step with an ENERGY STAR certified new home, there is the added peace of mind knowing the builder followed best practices. Moreover, the home passed independent inspections and testing. An ENERGY STAR certified new home provides confidence, the certification ensures the home uses up to 30 percent less energy than a traditional house.

If you would like to talk about the benefits of luxury green home building, or need more information, please contact us.

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