13060-reclaimed-wood-paneling-flooring-u898407c3905734d634581690175517500_skip_planed_oakjpgReclaimed wood is one of the most sustainable and chic materials to use when building or remodeling your home. One of the greatest benefits of using reclaimed wood is that you are helping to prevent deforestation; which contributes to global warming and massive habitat loss. Another wonderful benefit is the high-end, chic esthetic that it will add to your home.

Known all over the world for its hardwood forests and stunning autumn colors, New England is home to some of the most beautiful tree species on earth such as maple, oak, chestnut and redwood; just to name a few. Common sources of reclaimed wood include old gym bleachers, houses, barns, water tanks, warehouses, and wine casks.

Hardwood floors throughout, custom cabinets and butcher blocks are pretty standard uses of reclaimed wood in a new build or remodel. So what are some subtle extra details that you can add without turning your home into a log cabin?

Here are 5 green and chic ways to use reclaimed wood when building or remodeling your home:

  1. Antique Fireplace Mantle: Add authentic, centuries-old character to your fireplace with a mantle crafted from salvaged woods like white pine, spruce or fur from a historical New England building.
  2. Rustic Accents: Nothing says elegance and style like crown molding. Let the unique characteristics and variety of hues in the restored wood speak for themselves.
  3. Bench Seating: Whether in a breakfast nook or playroom, a bench seat is a great use of space and can add storage with a liftable seat.
  4. Accent Wall: Forget that horrible old wood paneling from the 70’s, dedicating one wall as an accent with the use of beautifully restored wood combinations will add creative warmth to any room.
  5. Storage: Books, family photos, and collectibles all need a place to rest; built-ins and stand-alone shelves and cabinets can make timeless pieces that will match any interior design.

The possibilities for incorporating reclaimed wood into your new home or remodel are endless. The benefits are a win for both the planet and the homeowner. The beauty and elegance that it adds to your home increases its value and aesthetic appeal. By using the woods reclaimed from the New England region, you and your guests will feel right at home.

In business since 1968, Caldwell & Johnson has built and remodeled more than 500 homes in Rhode Island. A pioneer in building high quality energy-efficient homes, this company is committed to environmental sustainability.

Are you ready to get green and chic with your new home or remodel?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can build or remodel your home with reclaimed wood and other eco-friendly materials.

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