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If you are like many home owners, you might put off home renovations longer than you should. If your home is in need of a kitchen remodel, however, now is the time to do it. Then, you and your family will be able to enjoy your kitchen more than ever, and you’ll be improving your property values as well. These are a few signs that it is time to remodel your kitchen.

1. Your Kitchen is Outdated

An outdated kitchen can make your entire home look older. Old, outdated appliances use more energy and often don’t work as well as newer appliances. If it’s been many years since your kitchen has been updated, and you can look at it and tell, then it’s time to renovate.

2. It’s Hard to Keep Clean

In many cases, remodeling your kitchen can make it easier to clean. Newer cabinets and countertops might be easier to wipe down, and ditching wallpaper or flat paint for a nice eggshell paint can make it a breeze to wipe away tomato sauce and grease stains. If you’re having trouble keeping your kitchen clean, renovating it might make it a lot easier.

3. You Don’t Have Sufficient Storage Space

One main problem with not-so-modern kitchens is that they often don’t have enough storage space. If you don’t have enough spaces to keep your dishes, pots and pans, kitchen tools and other necessities, then redesigning your counters, drawers and pantry might be a good solution.

If any of these three things apply to your kitchen, it is time to make a change. If you contact us at Caldwell and Johnson, we can talk to you about your renovation options.

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