Real estate makes an especially good investment — doubly so if it’s an investment that you’ll get to enjoy on vacation as much as you enjoy the checks it gets you every month. With beach homes, real estate across the Atlantic as well as Pacific, and across the gulf coast already exists to fit a number of tastes and styles. So why should custom beach house building be the route you take? Here are 3 reasons that a beach home should be custom-built from the sand up.

You’ll Make Room for Alternative Energy

Whether the site of your future home is on the sunny beaches of California or the wind-whipped islands of North Carolina, coast lines are often prime places for alternative energy sources. Solar power as well as wind power require home modifications that are not always easy to do to an existing home, especially in the case of solar, where a home’s position and roof size is critical. If you’re interested in adopting some green technologies for your home, a custom-built house may be exactly the option for you.

You’ll Make Choices for the Future

With the exception of very recent beach construction, many beach homes were not built to withstand things like hurricanes, tropical storms, and the rising threats of climate change. By building a new home, you have the ability to not only embrace all the knowledge that science has unveiled, but you have the technology at your fingers that home builders 50 years ago did not. Install doors and windows that are specifically designed to withstand hurricane wind and debris or even build your home up on stilts. Even things as simple as mildew resilient drywall and engineered hardwood floors that can withstand more humid climates will make for better design choices in your custom-built beach home.

You’ll Make the House Your Own

Regardless of the location you are looking in, you will be hard-pressed to find a beach home that is 100% yours. Instead of spending money to rehone and redesign a house that you may not even care much for structurally, the choice to design a home from the ground up that is entirely representative of who you are is a great one. The home’s aesthetics, layout, size, and overall character are all components that you’ll have the ability to change and decide — and it’s entirely due to the choice of going with a custom-built home.  

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